Jun 26, 2011

Makeup Tips for Black Women

For years, the art of applying makeup for black women had remained undiscovered by women of color. However, that was because they didn’t get enough resources to teach them. Today, that is no longer the case. Black women can easily access makeup tips for black women to learn how to use their makeup right from experts. So, if you’re looking for makeup tips for black women, you’ve stumbled on the right page.

Here are some makeup tips for black women from the best makeup artists around:

1. Most lists of makeup tips for black women emphasize on the need to choose the right foundation. There are two things which you need to keep in mind while selecting your foundation: your skin type and your undertones.

2. Go light with your makeup. Makeup tips for black women stress that women of color should try to look natural when they apply makeup. Remember – it’s makeup not war paint.

3. Blending is a must for every cosmetic you use. Whether you’re applying eye shadow or foundation, making sure that it is seamless will give your makeup the perfect look it deserves.

4. Another point makeup tips for black women agree on is that special makeup for colored women is always a better option. Makeup manufacturers who specialize in producing cosmetics for black women know exactly what your skin needs.

5. Though black women’s skin defies aging, spots are one thing mature skin will show. In that case, one of the important makeup tips for black women older women need to know of is to use concealer by day and fight those spots with creams by night.

6. Makeup artists love the fact that black women have luscious lips. However, in their lists of makeup tips for black women, they prefer that women of color use gloss rather than lipstick. Yet if women want to emphasize on their other facial features, experts suggest that they choose lipstick shades that complement their undertones.

7. Speaking of lips, all makeup tips for black women point out that black women should never line their lips in black. This will look unattractive and will not enhance your lips as well as proper lip liner.

8. Another product experts prefer using on black women is the bronzer. Blush is great, but bronze on African American cheekbones is a better option.

Keep these expert makeup tips for black women in mind and you will have a beautiful ebony face to die for!

Black woman, you deserve someone to love you for life !

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